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Titel: Welcome to -!
Beitrag von: lav_coyote25 am 2006-01-30, 04:52:29

WarZone 2100 General News : Welcome to -!
Posted by lav_coyote25 on 2006/1/29 5:15:31 (0 reads)

Dear user,

This is just a notice that wztoys has reopened at We haven't been able to get the domain working again. But, for now, just point your browsers to!

coppercore and lav_coyote25

There was a email sent out to all those that had registered with this site previously. Many attempts at bringing the old database and merging with the new turned out to be a study in futility. even entering everything by hand ( note: passwords wouldnt make the trip due to whatever the encription thingy used)... would have driven even a sane person madd. So here we are - and what do you think of the updated site... not all things are here yet... still in the midst of moving and register and have a read - participate in the forums and please if you have suggestions let us know...

kim(lav_coyote25)metcalfe and Coppercore
Titel: Re: Welcome to -!
Beitrag von: Kreuvf am 2006-02-01, 16:01:54
Thanks for the info, coyote

Good luck at getting it to work properly ^^
Titel: Re: Welcome to -!
Beitrag von: Soulreaver16 am 2006-03-20, 18:49:04

That is actually an English message if I do not err ....


-----> moved.....

one can argue about it, but i think this way it is right