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Warzone Development
« am: 2005-11-02, 15:52:10 »
i'm busy making a mod for warzone but i got 2 problems:
1)I can't compile the source
2)I haven't got a plugin for 3D studio max or a 3ds to pie compiler

thanks already


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Re: Warzone Development
« Antwort #1 am: 2005-11-04, 13:07:35 »
I'm working together with him on that mod - I'm to add a little bit more info here

- For the PIE-plugin: We do have to source code for PIE-plugin for 3DSMAX (we hope that will do the trick rather than PIE slicer)
But when attempting to compile in MSVC++ 6.0, an error is returned stating "max.h" is missing.
I guess that file is needed to compile whatever plugin for MAX, but it's not included in our distribution.
Does somebody have that file or know where to get it?

- For the source: We need a MSVC++ 6.0 project file, the source now is just a bunch of .c and .h files and I can't get them to compile.

So the mod we're making is intended for the latest Warzone 2100 GNU Development distribution (warzone2100-0.2.2).
If the above problems are solved, we can finally start doing the real work on our modification.


For any useful suggestions provided we will give credit when asked for.