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How do you like 1.12 ?

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I dont know how many people are reading this in here but i am out looking for more feed back in other areas on 1.12. It's out almost a week now and i have not seen much talk in here about it.

One thing that seems to be a problem with some people is the fact that you cant see your own Landmine's, plus if you run over them you blow up your trucks or tanks.

Then there seems to be that people dislike the starting power and feel they need more on a T3 start and as it is i tend to agree here.

Also 2 weapons that some think maybe to powerful are the Thermite Borg's and Assault MG tanks, in T3 start they can be deadly, but i felt that its easy to stop, you just got to know what weapons to pick to use on them.

I will add a few more things in the next day or so, because its up to you people lurking in the back to tell us what you think.

Thanks 4nE

Hmm ... it is good. The new Devastator-Weapon is superb.

But -> the most units are to strong and I think it is a new kind of body available.

It's good. Let me know, if there is an new version  :wink:

Spezial Thanks

Well it was to have new Bodys but we kind of ran into a problem with the person that was working on them and when we needed the work it was never given to us. As it is we have a new team thats doing just bodys and GFX work and i think in the next update you will see some new ones to play around.


That sounds nice.  :wink:

Well I will wait for this update.


Bel Air:
Hi  RBL-4NiK8r and BotmanGT

I `been playing this game since it was released 5 years ago-it is still the best and most innovative game I ever played! THX for all the work and improvements you guys are doin`!
(....ok, second and third best is Battlezone and Homeworld...)

 :?: But I have now a problem with the v. 1.12 beta mod.
I`m using WZS v. 1.24, I also enabeled Jan03beta-7-1 Mod and
Humans v. Ai`s.
After selecting a map and pushing the ok button, there are two popup windows appearing and WZ 2100 is switching off automatically:

# 1:

Unkown research-R-Cyborg-Wpn-Rocket

VLO file parse error:
Research -R-Cyborg-Wpn-Rocket not foundat line 40
Token:-1, Text:-R-Cyborg-Wpn-Rocket

If I disable the v. 1.12 beta and activate 1.12 Rules , everything is working well and the language in the Multiplay window is again german.

I hope, somebody can help me.

Thank you
 :wink: Bel Air


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